Full Program Creation, Tips, and Tricks

You should have quite a bit of content written and ready to go. All that is needed now is to turn it into a slide deck, film it, and post it.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Is there a way you can create phases like: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced OR Phase/Step 1 through 3-7?
  2. What courses would you like to mimic or be inspired by?
  3. Will you make a portfolio style course or step-by-step?
  4. How can you get it done the quickest and easiest way?
  5. How will you market it?
  6. What will you include on the sales copy?
  7. How will you build your email list?
  8. What will make people want to buy?
  9. What will you do if/when you get distracted?
  10. How will you make sure that you are consistent?

Complete and Continue