Mini-Course Creation, Tips, and Tricks

When you write a program, it's important to have a funnel that includes most of the following:

  • Social media posts
  • blogs
  • videos, lives, or youtube content
  • ebooks, downloadables, or templates
  • a webinar or multiple webinars
  • a mini-course
  • a full course

These combine to become a full program that works to establish you as the expert. You don't have to do everything but you should do most of them.

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Affiliate Disclaimer

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Tips on creating a mini-course:

  1. Make a simple but attainable goal to achieve within 5 videos or days
  2. Attach the mini-course to an email sequence to remind viewers and not leave them without a follow-up.
  3. Use the copy of the mini-course to promote other offers. Don't leave your audience without a desire for more. And a way you can support them more.
  4. Some options for mini-course titles:
  5. 5 Ways to Improve Your Copywriting Skills
  6. 5 Things You Can Do Today To...
  7. 5 Myths About...
  8. The 5 Questions People Need to Know About...

Your Mini Course Outline (Sample)

  1. Video 1:
  2. Introduce the problem
  3. Introduce yourself and your story (how you learned the answer to the problem you just stated)
  4. Overview the course outline (what are you going to do? How will you do it? What should they expect?)
  5. Video 2-4 or 5:
  6. Welcome and Intro to concept
  7. Step 1-4 to teach and give instruction on completing the day's work
  8. Instructions on completing something today

If you'd like an outline and more detailed instruction on creating your First 5-Module Course, go HERE

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